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The information to follow details examples of what is usually required of me at a funeral. I’m always happy to accommodate other ideas (if feasible).

Church Funerals

Ed Arnold Yorkshire Bagpiper

From £165

If playing at a church funeral it is tradition for the bagpiper to lead the coffin either to the church doors, allowing the organist (or recorded music) to take over as the casket is carried to the front and placed on the bier. Alternatively, the  piper leads the casket to the front of the church and play until everyone is seated. 

At the end of the service it is tradition for the piper to lead the coffin out of the church or begin playing from the church doors and lead to the hearse. 


From £165

Traditionally the piper meets the funeral cortege at the crematorium gates (or several hundred yards from the  chapel) and leads the cortege to the chapel playing a slow march / retreat. The piper may then be required to play as the coffin is carried into the crematorium and again at the end of the service as people gather outside. 


Funeral Bagpiper For Hire Yorkshire



At a burial it is tradition for the bagpiper to lead the pallbearers down to the graveside and play until the casket is about to be lowered. At the end of the service the piper usually plays several tunes and walks into the distance to give the effect of the pipes fading. 



Popular tunes includes:

  • Flower of Scotland
  • Amazing Grace
  • Mist Covered Mountains
  • Danny Boy
  • Going Home
  • Mull of Kyntyre
  • Highland Cathedral
  • Skye Boat Song
  • Abide With Me
  • Flowers of The Forest
  • Green Hills of Tyrol
  • Kilworth Hills
  • When The Battle’s Over
  • Hector The Hero
Piping outside the Old School Chapel at Warburtons Funeral Directors, Todmorden, West Yorkshire

Tartans and Dress Options

Royal Stewart

Formal day wear / evening wear

Black Stewart

Formal day wear / evening wear / full regimental

Buchanan Tartan

Formal day wear / evening wear / full regimental.


Formal day wear / evening wear

American Universal

Formal day wear / evening wear / full regimental

Irish Diaspora

Formal day wear / evening wear


Formal day wear / evening wear

Black Watch

Formal day wear / evening wear

Dress Options

Nottingham Bagpiper

Formal Day Dress / Evening Dress

Bonnie Prince Charlie / Argyll Jacket, Glengarry Hat, Shirt, Tie, Waistcoat, Kilt Sporran, Kilt Hose, Ghille Brogues

Full Regimental Dress

Feather Bonnet, Shoulder Plaid, Tunic, Crossbelt, Kilt Belt, Horsehair Sporran, Hose Toppers, Spats, Brogues


I always play a suitable selection of upbeat, traditional, and contemporary highland bagpipe tunes whilst entertaining guests. The following tunes are very popular for leading the bride (or groom) down the aisle:

  • Highland Cathedral
  • Amazing Grace
  • For The Love of  A Princess (Braveheart)
  • Flower of Scotland

The following tunes are popular as the newly married couple exit the ceremony:

  • Highland Laddie
  • The Black Bear
  • The Athol Highlanders
  • The Glendural Highlanders
  • Cock O’ The North

The following tunes are popular for leading the happy couple to the top table;

  • The Athol Highlanders
  • Scotland The Brave
  • Flower of Scotland

Audio and Video

Areas Covered

Yorkshire – Derbyshire – Nottinghamshire – Lincolnshire – Manchester – Lancashire – Cheshire 

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